Truck Towing/Trailering Tips

One of the main reasons drivers from Valdosta to Nashville, GA visit our Tifton dealership is to explore a new or pre-owned pickup truck. That's no surprise because we all know how versatile a truck is and the capability that they offer our lives in Ocilla or Ashburn, GA. When we think of truck capability, we often consider how large of a trailering or towing capacity a pickup has. But, we tend to forget some general towing guidelines that keep us safe on the road. To help you drive safer and tow with confidence, we have put together a list of towing tips for you to explore.

  1. Tongue Weight
    Tongue weight should be set to 10 to 15-percent of the trailer's total weight. If your truck doesn't have enough rear suspension, consider an equalizing hitch to transfer some weight forward to the front axle.
  2. Safety Chains
    An important part of trailering is safety, and safety chains minimize your risk of causing damage. These chains will catch the trailer tongue if it comes unhitched, this reduces the damage to your vehicle and trailer while maximizing control.
  3. Tire Pressures
    We often don't consider our tires when we are towing, but having your tires at their maximum recommended pressure ensures they run cooler.
  4. Tie Downs
    Ensure that your load is secured to your trailer throughout your trips, as you drive your tie downs will loosen along the way.
  5. Brakes
    Be sure that both your truck and trailer brakes are working as intended. You will want to ensure your electric brake function before leaving on a trip to make sure they're functioning properly.
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