Ford SYNC Makes It Safer and Smarter to Drive

Ford has always had an intuitive, smart infotainment package. Their SYNC technology allows drivers to quickly use voice commands and a touch menu screen to access all of their favorite apps, music, driving tools, navigation, calling, and text messages. With the latest technology, you can easily connect your smartphone using Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

These latest tools usher in a new era of safety for drivers. Ford wanted to make it incredibly simple to drive and feel like you're in a command center. With voice-activated controls, you can access almost every app on your phone without ever touching it. If you need to make a call, you can simply speak your command and access your contacts instantly.

Navigation and road safety apps are also available with SYNC. You can add GPS navigation and much more. With voice recognition, SYNC automatically understands your every input and takes you where you want to go with expert GPS tools.

With 911 Assist and Sirius XM radio, you can also stay connected where it matters the most. You're never alone when you're in a new Ford. These vehicles are made to keep you safe with a ton of driver assistance tools that you can access right through the touch screen in the center console.

For example, with the latest blind spot monitoring sensors and cameras, you can see your blind spot through the LCD screen. You'll also receive parking assist guides, warnings, traffic alerts, and departure lane assist with the latest SYNC technology.

Ford has also been partnering up with some providers to bring the latest technology to their vehicle owners. With Key by Amazon, you can actually have packages delivered right to your vehicle. You can also access tools like Waze to get the best navigation and traffic information for all of your road trips.

Want to see what technology is in the latest Ford vehicles? Stop by Griffin Ford-Lincoln Inc. and see for yourself. You can take a test drive in Tifton today and feel what it's like to have a safer and more entertaining drive wherever you go with Ford.



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