Oil Change Service Keeps Your Ford Running Strong

Modern cars, trucks, and SUVs are great ways to get around. They have strong engines that deliver plenty of power to get through four seasons of weather in the Tifton and Valdosta areas. No matter the make or model vehicle you drive, you need to maintain it with regular oil changes. Good clean motor oil lubricates your engine’s internal metal parts. That reduces friction and heat inside your motor. So long as you stay on top of regular oil change service, your vehicle runs better and lasts longer.

You can choose conventional motor oil to keep it running well. You also can opt for synthetic and semi-synthetic motor oils that have additional friction protection and other additives.

What the Ford Oil Change Service Does

We remove the oil plug and washer and drain all the old motor oil from your oil pan. We also remove the old oil filter and give it a close inspection. We check for excessive metal flakes, dirt, and other contamination that might indicate your car’s engine has a problem. We clean up the old drain plug and washer and install them. We also install a new oil filter and top off your engine with the type of oil and viscosity that you want. We have a full range of popular brand oils. Our parts counter stocks genuine OEM and aftermarket oil filters from the best brands. Your old motor oil heads out for recycling, while your engine enjoys the protection of good, clean oil again.

Get Oil Change Service Today at Griffin Ford Lincoln

If your car needs an oil change service, stop in at our dealership near Nashville and Ashburn, GA and get it done today. Our state-of-the-art service bays can handle any make or model vehicle. The service takes only a few minutes and will help to keep your car running well for thousands of more miles. All types of motor oil break down and lose their ability to lubricate metal parts as intended. Regular oil change service replaces your old contaminated oil with clean oil to keep your motor running cool on the hottest day.

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