The better you take care of your car, the higher the chance it will last longer and run reliably. Care includes getting all routine maintenance performed on time while also bringing the vehicle to a repair pro the second problems arise. Where do you take your beloved Ford? Our Ford dealership would be a great choice. A dealership is the right choice when hoping to put the car, truck, or SUV in the right hands.

Why Go With A Dealership?

A local service garage may make claims to handle Ford repairs and maintenance. Do the people working there specialize with Ford? At Griffin Ford-Lincoln Inc. in Tifton, our team works on Ford models all the time. Even when the local garage wants to put in a great effort, the mechanics might not truly know the particulars of a specific Ford. And there are other reasons to bring the vehicle to a Ford dealership.

Access to Certified Technicians

The technicians at the Tifton dealership isn't only experienced with fixing and servicing Ford vehicles; they also possess the necessary training. Ford-certified technicians possess a high level of expertise. Ford owners can put more trust in certified technicians, as they know various makes and models inside and out. The technicians also continue their education and stay current with trends, recalls, and new models. The technicians also work out of a state-of-the-art facility, which is another plus.

OEM Parts

You are driving a Ford vehicle, so you should get genuine Ford parts installed. Dealerships won't use aftermarket parts. You get the real deal at an official Ford service location.

Exceptional Customer Care

Everyone from the front desk receptionist to the manager to the service technician stresses quality customer service. We realize that people need their Fords worked on, so everyone puts great effort into their tasks. We hope to get the job done efficiently and expediently. Most of all we want to do it right.

Call Our Service Department

Contact our service department in Tifton. The team handles everything from routine care to major repairs. Call the office and set up an appointment without delay.

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