You Can Easily Return Your Leased Ford to Griffin Ford-Lincoln Inc

If you are suddenly hit with the realization that your current Ford lease is coming to an end, it is helpful to know what the process entails. It is actually quite simple if you follow a few steps that are designed to make the turn-in process seamless and convenient. 
To begin with, you should know that you can always turn in your leased Ford to Griffin Ford-Lincoln Inc in Tifton. 

It does not matter if you signed the lease with us or not. We are authorized to take back any Ford lease, so that should be more than convenient for you. Here are some other things that should be helpful to know ahead of time. 

Make an Inquiry

Have Your Ford Inspected For Needed Repairs

While three years might not seem that long, a lot can happen in that time. You are permitted some wear and tear on your lease, but you cannot go overboard. If there are major repairs that are deemed necessary, you will be responsible for those. The question is whether or not you have any such need. 

An inspection will answer that question for you. This is a free service offered by Ford, so you will want to take advantage of it. A certified technician will come to you, so there is no inconvenience on your part. It will not take very long. You will get a report detailing any repairs that should be before the time that you turn your leased Ford in Valdosta area back into the dealership. 

Get Those Repairs Made

Once you get that inspection made, you should still have a month or two before your lease expires. During this time is when you should get any needed repairs completed. You can wait until you turn in the vehicle to do so, but Griffin Ford-Lincoln Inc will need you to bill you for the repairs that they will be making on your behalf. 

Alternatively, you can take care of them yourself. If you do so, ask for a second inspection so that those items can be taken off the final report. Once you have done that, you will just about be ready to successfully end your Ford lease in Nashville, GA. 
Do You Want To Buy Your Leased Ford?

One option that you should be aware of is that you are always welcome just to purchase your leased Ford. In the contract that you signed, there will be a residual value attached to the vehicle. This is the amount of money that you can pay at the end of the lease to become the full owner, which could be a good option for Ashburn, GA drivers, if you find that you have driven the vehicle way over the number of miles granted to you by the lease. You also may love the car so much that you can't fathom the thought of turning it back in. 

Get Ready For Turn-In Day

When the day comes for your actual lease to end, make sure you schedule an appointment with Griffin Ford-Lincoln Inc in Tifton. This will streamline the process. We will be waiting for you when you arrive and work to quickly finalize the paperwork so that you can be on your way. 

Getting ready for your Ford lease to end in Ocilla should not be difficult. Following these few steps will help the process along nicely. Contact Griffin Ford-Lincoln Inc if you have any questions at all ahead of your turn-in date. You are also welcome to talk to us about current lease specials that might appeal to you. It is possible to turn in your current lease and drive home in another new vehicle in just a few hours. We look forward to seeing you soon.